Plastic Card Printers


We are an authorised distributor of Fargo HID plastic card printers in Poland, as well as an authorised distributor of printers and equipment from Matica and NBS Technologies.

HID Fargo has been a leader in the plastic card printer and printer accessory market for yeSecure Issuance HDP8500, Male & Women Scenario Photo- Printars, and their products are renowned for their superior quality, functionality and efficiency, enabling the best results.

Our Authorized Service Centre Fargo/HID as well as Matica and NBS, provides professional technical support as well as warranty and post-warranty services performed by an experienced team of enigneers, regularly trained by the producers. The Centre maintains a backup stock of all the most necessary parts, which means that all repairs can be done instantly.

We also offer original consumables for plastic card printers, and the highest standard of accessories and printer software. We design, implement and maintain plastic card distribution systems, which include: plastic card printers, photographic cameras, computers, printing and management software, mailing equipment and other.


Consumablestaśmy kolorowe

When using plastic card printers it is important to choose the right type of consumables for them. The printer producers offer a full range of components designed for use with specific printer models. Original, quality ribbons, cleaning kits and other items, ensure the best print quality as well as longevity of the printer. Use of original products is important for maintaining the warranty issued by the producer for the printer.


Embosser do kart plastikowych NBS M20Accessories

Our company has readily available modules and accessories for plastic card printers. They enable the extension of the printer’s functionality through additional options, such as turning the card around while printing (double-sided printing), lamination or encoding of electronic and magnetic cards. We also provide printer accessories from different producers and for different printer types at an individual request.


The modules can be added to the printers individually or as combinations designated to perform specific tasks, depending on the needs for expansion of the printer’s functionality. The modules are designed individually for each printer model, to ensure maximum performance.

  • Embossers
  • Mailing systems


HID Global is a leader in their category, producing a wide variety of equipment related to identity solutions, secure issuance and access control. We offer a number of their products,  available to our Customers at all times.

Drukarka do kart Fargo HDP8500 z laminatorem - lewa strona

HID Fargo HDP8500 printer

HDP 5000/FD/L2

HDP 5000/FD/L2


Drukarka do kart plastikowych fargo HDPii lewa strona

HID Fargo HDPii