Plastic cards


Plastic cards are nowadays widely used as a marketing tool: e.g. loyalty cards, discount cards, membership cards or gift cards. They can also be used as a data carrier in automatic identification systems, such as: entry tokens in offices, identity cards, bank cards, in worktime registration systems (RCP), access control systems (KD), or in public transport. They are practical and handy.

Standard plastic cards, made out of layers of PVC, are available at all times. Plastic cards mAPP-platinum-si-logo-rgb-72ade out of polycarbonate, ABS, a mix, and other substances, are ordered at the request of a customer. There is a possibility of introducing additional elements, such as: a magnetic stripe, signature stripe, scratch, contact module (chip), proximity module (proximity card), a standard or customised hologram – made specifically for the individual Customer. The card can also be covered in metallic enamel.

Control System FMN offers plastic cards of only the highest quality, produced by HID Global or other producers selected for the quality of their products. We offer standard-sized cards according to the ISO CR80 (85,6 x 54 mm), as well as cards in other sizes.

Intelligent Cards

We offer a range of intelligent plastic cards, with various types of data carriers: magnetic stripe, barcode, chip and combinations.  We offer proximity and contact cards, including those with the most advanced solutions – dual and hybrid systems. Intelligent cards are extremely useful not only in identification and access control systems, but increasingly in all areas of daily life – including banking, transport, studies and many others.

We offer the whole range of highest standard intelligent cards from HID Global, as well as hybrid cards from Oberthur Technologies. We also have available various types of cards of our own production, made to match the quality of the top producers.

mifare-prox            Karty plastikowe HID Smart DuoProx II            duoprox-ii            proxcard-plus            Karta crescendo c1150


Plastic Card Accessories

We offer a wide range of plastic card accessories, clasps, grippers, lanyards and ribbons, pendants and other items allowing for safe and comfortable use of plastic cards.

All accessories on offer, for plastic cards and electronic IDs, are made out of high quality materials, with attention to detail. They protect cards from mechanical damage as well as theft – holders locked with a key, monitored anti break-in holder, etc. provide comfortable ways of carrying and storing the card: holders, lanyards, grips, etc.

  • Yoyo card pendants
  • Card grips and clasps
  • Lanyards, ribbons and chains
  • Stiff/soft card holders
  • Multiple card holders


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