Plastic Card Printing

Control System FMN provides services related to plastic card production and printing. The services are provided as part of the purposefully designated Plastic Card Centre (CKP). We offer a wide range of services, and welcome the most unusual and individual customer requests.

Plastic card printing and other services offered by CKP:

  • Plastic card printing using offset printSELP_ver02
  • Production of cards with individual print
  • Card securing using High Secure
  • Standard and individual holograms
  • Teacher ID printing
  • Electronic Student ID printing
  • Loyalty card, advertising card printing
  • Production of standard and non-standard size IDs
  • Design of cards and IDs
  • Printing of any design on cards
  • encoding and programming magnetic, proximity and chip cards
  • embossing
  • card mailing to end users
  • photographic sessions on client’s premises

Card printer hire

Control System FMN offers the possibility of hiring a plastic card printer. Whether it is for a special event, as a temporary measure, or to replace a printer sent off for maintenance, hiring a printer can help keep up with daily operations or provide extra flexibility in a non-standard setting. Together with the device, we provide the use of a dedicated printing program, as well as consumables at a competitive price.

We also provide training, technical and design support for all of our equipment.

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The advantages of printer hire:

  • small printer dimensions
  • quiet and swiftly working
  • dedicated printing software
  • original consumables, guarantee best quality of print
  • complete solutions
  • technical support
  • help with preparation of the project


The price of hire is agreed separately depending on the scope and type of the Customer’s requirements. Our specialists will help choose the optimum solution based on your individual needs, and offer their support throughout the process.


Design, training, installation services

At Control System FMN we take care of all the stages of completing a project, from the shaping of a concept, through picking the equipment and software, delivery, installation, setup, user training, to warranty and post-warranty service.

We guarantee short completion times, possibility of hiring replacement equipment, maintenance and support. We also provide design, installation and training services for all equipment available.

Installation services

Control System FMN provides installation services for all systems and devices offered. Completion of the usługi projektowe KD, RCPinstallation is adjusted to the specifications and conditions of the customer.

  • KD, RCP, CCTV and SSWiN systems
  • door locks and door equipment (door closers, electromagnetic locks)
  • elements of fire systems (door stops, sensors, etc)
  • complete card printing systems
  • complete mailing and embossing systems

Consulting services

Control System FMN provides consultation for the design of KD, RCP, CCTV, SSWiN and fire systems. The projects are designed individually for each premises, with consideration for the needs of the end user, as well as the specifics of the building, and the functions the system will be required to perform.

Designing lines and mechanisms in card and mailing systems. Help with defining the needs of the Customer in technical and technological terms. Descriptive analysis of the specifics of a detailed system, as well as of its elements (helpful in tenders). Preparation of detailed implementation plans.

Graphic designs for plastic cards, holograms. The projects are prepared using the most recent graphic applications, which allows for a very exact representation of the Custmer’s vision and fulfilment of their card design requirements.

Training services

Control System FMN provides training in use of all equipment and systems offered. .

  • use of plastic card printers
  • use and configuration of KD and RCP programs
  • use of card programs
  • use of programs for higher education institutions