Control System FMN offers a variety of solutions tailored to the needs of specific types of enterprises, such as educational and medical institutions, offices, transport companies and others.

Higher education institutions

Higher education institutions have unique demands for security and access control. They require both control over physical access to buildings and interiors, and logical access to networks, resources and secure information. Universities try to provide for the various needs of the students simultaneously maintaining control over operational costs. Various types of people require supervision: students, professors, personnel and visitors (conference participants, guest lecturers, etc).

Using the smart card technology: ELS (Electronic Student ID), ELD (Electronic PhD ID) and teacher IDs, gives higher education institutions an efficient and effective access control solution, that possesses plenty of other functions:ELS_07

  • Physical access to lecture rooms, labs, offices, conference, recreational facilities, parking lots
  • Logical access to IT resources, networks and work stations
  • Access to libraries, transport, and other services
  • Cashless transactions in canteens, vending machines, copy points
  • One multifunctional card for secure identification, access and presence control of a student

Other benefits:

  • Expansion of the IT system and better integration of the existing subsystems (dean’s office, library, catering, accommodation)
  • Safer ID use
  • Easier access to useful information for students
  • Higher level of security in the institution
  • Replacement of several different cards and documents with one electronic ID card (library cards, canteen cards, etc)
  • Time saving for the university employees (a lot of the information normally obtained from the dean’s office will be available in SELS info points)

 program do zarządzania legitymacją - Proxima


Plastic cards are ever more widely used in public transport. Nowadays most public transport networks offer card programs for users of city and suburban transport, increasingly often with the possibility of encoding more information than just the travel pass, such as personal data.

If you want to personalise blank white cards, add personal data to a pre-printed card or encode more information – we have a solution for you. We offer a range of card personalisation systems for both public and private transport companies, including equipment used for own graphic design print, card personalisation systems, embossing, systems for encoding data on a chip or magnetic stripe, as well as mailing systems, set up according to the customer’s needs. All of these have simplicity and ease of use in common. This creates a system that is faster and more accessible for users, allows for secure storage of data, and lowering of exploitation costs.

We also offer design, printing and encoding of cards in our office, in case this option is more convenient for the customer, both for individual cards and for batches.

Our solutions for transport companies:

  • blank and printed plastic cards
  • plastic card printers
  • embossers
  • mailing systems
  • card production on site

drukarki kart plastikowych dla transportu

Trade and retail

Trade and retail have a wide range of uses for plastic and electronic cards, such as loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel cards, etc. Control System FMN offers solutions tailored to the individual customer’s needs, granting all the benefits of the use of such card systems.

We offer high quality electronic, magnetic or barcode plastics cards, suited to different customer needs. We also offer plastic card printers from the renowned and respected HID Fargo company and card-printing software, which allows for the creation of beautifully presented, personalised cards.

Loyalty cards

Creative, personalised loyalty cards enable sellers to provide customers of selected stores with special programs, discounts and privileges. Loyalty programs also create opportunities for keeping track of customer data, and support establishing strong and lasting customer relations.

Appealing and functional loyalty cards encourage a customer to come back for another purchase, and simultaneously reward them for their return. They can be equipped with a barcode or a chip used for the identification of the holder. Thanks to our technology, you can easily create beautiful cards, and make your customers feel appreciated. Personalisation of the cards will prove completely hassle free.

Our solutions help create successful customer loyalty programs through:

  • The possibility of issuing personalized loyalty cards directly at the trading point
  • Providing the customer with a choice of a photograph for the card
  • Adjusting promotions to demographic groups or time-limited events
  • More effective implementation of one-on-one marketing strategies

Membership cards

Personalised membership cards with photographs facilitate the identification of users, who are entitled to a wider range of privileges and services. Adding barcodes, intelligent chips or magnetic stripes to membership cards provides handy control over the access to various places, and provides space for other functions.

Thanks to our technology, you can print and encode the cards in one go.

Our solutions facilitate the creation of successful membership programs through:

  • Creating strong one-to-one relations with privileged individuals
  • Possibility of gaining valuable marketing data and access to customer databases
  • Creation of perfect quality prints.


Hotel cards

Make your hotel guests feel even more special. We offer more than just a card that opens the room doors. A personalised card provides access to the room, the gym, spa facilities and more. From our range of products you can easily choose the most suitable option for personalised hotel cards.

 rozwiązania dla firm i urzędów

Government institutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for identification, authentication, access control (physical and logical), worktime registration, as well as complex card systems managing the processes of issuing accounts and permissions, in accordance with the demands of government institutions. These solutions help protect government and army officials, and government infrastructure.

Solutions tailored to the needs of government institutions

  • Secure identity cards for the personnel of government institutions, identity cards for guests and visitors
  • IDs authorizing the use of machinery and equipment, vehicle registrations, etc., with various levels of security
  • Control over access to buildings and premises
  • Worktime registration
  • Logical control over access to IT resources
  • Card systems, management of account and permissions issuing

 rozwiązania dla służby zdrowia


Healthcare institutions need identification, access control and worktime registration systems, which are able to support many functions: protect patient data, facilitate the planning of personnel schedules, provide safe access to applications and rooms in medical facilities, etc.

Basic magnetic stripe cards and proximity cards are currently being replaced by technologically advanced intelligent cards. Through the use of cards combining several different technologies, hospitals and other institutions can benefit from multiple functionalities combined with the highest level of security and convenience.

Our solutions suited to the demands of healthcare institutions

  • Secure identity cards for the personnel, IDs for guests and visitors of the hospital and for patients
  • Insurance cards for private healthcare institutions
  • Control over access to buildings and premises
  • Worktime registration
  • Control over logical access to IT resources

Card systems, management of account and permissions issuing

 karty lojalnościowe dla handlu i przemysłu detalicznego

Organizations and Offices

We offer a wide portfolio of solutions related to identification, access control (physical and logical) and worktime registration. They are aimed at increasing the efficiency and lowering costs of operations, while simultaneously providing optimum security.

Everywhere around the world, from large multinational enterprises to the smallest local companies, there is an increasing need for protection of confidential company data (financial, legal, technological, etc.), access to company offices and other premises, such as warehouses or IT rooms. There is also an increasing need for control over the presence, lateness and employment status of personnel.

The solutions available are access control and wortime registration systems. Nowadays, thanks to the technological progress, all these functions can be combined via a system of intelligent electronic cards, which, in opposition to traditionally used photo IDs, are in fact minuscule computers. Intelligent cards can include a photograph, a PIN code, passwords and various data including biometrics (e.g. fingerprints or retina scans). They can be used for logical access, multi-tier identification, registration of presence/worktime, debit functions, cashless machines and other – all in one card. An intelligent card can be programmed specifically to satisfy the needs of an individual enterprise, from the most basic to complex ones.

Solutions offered by Control System

  • Access control over employees, contractors and visitors
  • Worktime registration
  • Physical access control (buildings, parking lots and areas with restricted access)
  • Logical access control (logical networks and databases), including biometric technologies
  • Cashless catering services
  • Authentications

Components of the Electronic Worker ID System:

  • Software
  • Plastic card printer, card readers, encoders and other necessary devices
  • Electronic or plain plastic cards
  • Validity date extension module (optional)
  • Card protection system (option)
  • Employee ID distribution system (option)
  • Technical support system (option)

Control System will help in the planning of the electronic worker ID system, from the choice of modules, types of plastic cards, equipment for the Personalisation Centre, to adjusting the system to the company’s needs.