We provide design for and help implement complete, integrated security systems with a wide range of functionalisties, to support effectiveness in the operation of every company.


SEOS System – mobile phones in access control

SEOS is a platform designated for managing identities on mobile devices, created by HID. It allows for the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets in access control systems.

Nowadays smartphones are in use everywhere, and most of us cannot imagine functioning without a phone. HID Global decided to use that fact to create a system which is secure and simultaneously extremely practical, replacing the electronic cards used until now.

How does SEOS work?

On a mobile device we install an application, that is effectively a card emulator. The installation can only be completed after the user received an invitation from the system administrator and successfuly verified their identity. Next, the application is activated by the HID authenitcation centre. This is done through a series of steps, in a way similar to the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

What is necessary to implement the system?hid-pacs-mobile-male-int-close small

  1. Firstly a mobile device – it could be a smartphone or a tablet supporting NFC or Bluetooth.
  2. An identity management program (CMS).
  3. An access control reader supporting SEOS.

In the SEOS system, cards will still be functioning, however they will be better protected.

The system is not limited to physical access control. Through the use of appropriate cards, it can be used for computer access, meal arrangements, and other functions.



Card management system

An electronic card management system is necessary for organisations that use or plan to introduce electronic plastic cards, identity cards, electronic employee IDs, or for those that already have an access control system based on a different type of chip devices. We offer the ActivID Credential Management System from the globally renowned HID company.

To reduce or eliminate risk, many organisations and government agencies repDruk kart plastikowychlace the traditional logon methods (username and password) with electronic cards, which allow for safe verification, encryption and use of electronic signatures. To be able to trust an access control system and user identity solutions completely, organisations need to consider the safety of data storage (e.g. Digital identities, certificates, electronic signatures) on devices such as the electronic card or a USB token.

Control System FMN offers two solutions from HID Global, depending on the size and requirements of the organisation:

  • ActivID ActivClient for small and medium enterprises
  • ActivID Card Management System for large enterprises – 300 employees or more

Electronic card management system ActivID ActivClient

ActivClient allows organisations to go beyond simple passwords and create powerful verification solutions, enabling effective resource protection. Choosing from a variety of options, such as plastic cards or USB tokens, the organisations can grant users access to a range of stationary computers, computer networks, mobile solutions, data clouds and other applications.

ActivClient has been introduced into over four million stationary installations and cooperates with the leading producers of cards, readers, operational systems, certification agencies, network environments and corporate applications. It is a versatile, powerful verification tool for both Windows Login and remote access. ActivClinet is easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, which translates to reduced cost upon introducing the system.

Electronic Card Management System ActivID Card Management System

Implementing the ActivID Card Management System (CMS) solution, the organisation gains a complete system, which can be used both for physical and logical access control. It is a tested and proven solution with the possibility of being expanded through additional functionalities, which enable electronic card management, as well as updating applications and cards in designated devices after they have been issued to the end user in a secure way.

ActivID CMS functioning overview

The system allows organisations to easily replace traditional user logins and passwords with powerful digital authentication systems. The program offers easy handling and maintenance to organisations that need to swiftly issue and manage intelligent cards and USB tokens containing numerous authentication levels, including certificates based on the public key infrastructure (PKI), one-time passwords, biometric and demographic data. It allows organisations to safely administer a large number of end users in a single or multiple locations. Once introduced, the ActivID system manages issued credentials throughout their whole life cycle, updating the user’s access level in real time, without any additional costs or applications.


Worktime registration system

We are an authorised distributor of the Israeli company Synel for Poland. We also offer our own products and time control devices, that can be individually selected to match the customer’s needs.s900

Worktime registration systems play an ever increasing role in managing a company. According to the studies described by press, just installing a work time control system causes an increase in employees’ productivity, a drop in the number of late arrivals and breaks during work time, which translates directly to the company’s performance.

Thanks to a worktime registration system we have full control over shift schedules and holidays. Additionally, records of the working time of each employee gives us the opportunity to manage their time individually. At little additional cost, the worktime registration system can be integrated with the access control system of the organization, becoming an overall system of digital surveillance for the whole company.

Our worktime registration systems (RCP)

We put together worktime registration systems adjusted to the customers’ needs. Starting from a project of the system, through the selection of devices and software, to the installation and setup of the system. The system itself usually consists of a reader, or several readers, installed in a key point in the company office – by the entry gates, in side entrances, sometimes in a warehouse. Each employee is obligated to register their working hours, by touching a card, or their finger in case of biometric devices, to the reader straight after their arrival. This way they are signed in, and naturally they need to sign out upon leaving. Another element is the software, allowing for generation of reports and statements, and cooperation with HR and accounting systems. Our worktime registration programs guarantee precision and swiftness of operation even in the most complex systems.

Worktime registration system event types:

  • Entry to work
  • Exit from work
  • Business leave
  • Return from business leave
  • Beginning of break
  • Return from break

Basic worktime registration system elements:

  • Worktime registration readers
  • Plastic cards
  • Worktime registration software

 Access control system

We are an authorised distributor of the Israeli company Synel for Poland, as well as an authorised distributor of HID Global, part of the Assa Abloy company. We also offer our own products and devices used for access control, which we individually adjust to each customer’s needs.

An access control system limits the access to rooms and areas in a chosen building, allowing in only authorised individuals, in possession of an identity card. Pre-programmed card readers restrict the access to designated areas, preventing people

without identity cards, or with insufficient permissions, from entering them. The administrator, thanks to appropriate software, has the ability to assign or limit the right to access for certain groups or individuals, as well as can exert control in unusual situations (fire, hazards, etc).

Our access control systems
Czytniki HID Prox 125 kHz

We are able to implement any project of an access control system for buildings, from designing the system, through choice of components and software, to installation and setup of the project. We also offer project support for installation companies, granting the support of our engineers in starting up and implementing the system.

The access control systems on offer from our company mainly rely on the use of proximity cards assigned to the personnel. We also provide access systems based on remote control (gates, parking lots, guest entrances) and biometric solutions.

We can combine the use of several different types of cards in a single access control system. This is important if changes are being introduced in an existing system and we want to retain cards already issued and simultaneously be able to assign new permissions or expand existing ones.

Access control system – basic components:

  • readers
  • controllers
  • plastic cards
  • access control software
  • electromagnetic locks, door accessories